Medical Belts

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Award Winning Design Firm

The Challenge

Create a custom, wearable medical belt with a local design firm for a medical device that needed to be worn by patients daily. Design of the sewn medical belt had to be done in unison with the design of the prototype, which would include multiple components.

The Solution

TPI collaborated with the Design Engineers and medical device customer to meet an extremely tight timeline and highly technical requirements. TPI prototyped and modified medical belts that securely held the device and allowed for comfortable range of movement throughout the day.

The Features
  • Patient-centered concept
  • Comfortable materials and construction methods meet patient usability tests
  • Design for manufacturability (DFM)
  • Compliant with regulatory standards
The Reaction

"TPI's creative prototype team, in collaboration with our industrial designers and engineers, was able to work with the medical device customer to bring their concept and sketches to life in a very tight time-frame with very technical deliverables. The medical belts were designed and modified based on the medical device prototype changes requested to meet the patient requirements."

–Dan Darst, Executive Vice President and Partner at an Award-Winning Design Firm

TPI worked collaboratively with design engineers to produce the most secure and reliable medical belt to contain the end device. Contact us today to learn more about our medical belts and other custom sewn medical products.