Air Compression Leg Wrap

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Welded Sports Medicine Wrap

The Challenge

Identify the performance specifications between the design firm and the OEM to provide an air compression leg wrap for use in sports medicine compression therapy. The goal was to achieve a 40% cost reduction over their current patented design because of price pressures and competition while increasing performance and comfort.

The Solution

Created five complete concept models with two base materials: one inner liner material for comfort and an outer material for durability. The concept models were designed for manufacturing with sophisticated tooling, resulting in decreased labor.

The Features
  • RF welded
  • Sewn finishes
  • Inner liner for comfort
  • Tubing orientation for ease of set-up and use
  • Quick connect & disconnect from power source
The Reaction

"Product performance met specifications, cost out initiatives exceeded goal, and increased patient comfort and usability."

–Rick Yoder, Executive Vice President of Sales/Partner

TPI met project objectives and now manufactures air compression leg wraps that meet the highest performance specifications while simultaneously decreased cost. The product is easy to use and the lining material provides the best comfort and durability. Contact us today and we will help you with your product specifications for air compression leg wraps or other similar products.