Our Process

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TPI is a turnkey provider that collaborates with customers, incorporating their needs and ideas into the prototyping, production, and delivery of every custom sewn and sealed product.

Establish Need

We make sure we’ve asked all the right questions and listened carefully, so we know exactly what you need before moving forward with concepting.

Create a Concept

We take your requirements and combine them with our expertise to bring your ideas to reality. Elements like form, materials, color, texture and proportion are defined at this stage.

Produce Prototype

Now our engineering experts craft a sample product that can be tested and evaluated. If changes need to be made, now is the time.

Source Materials

We have resources all around the world to help us find exactly the right materials to deliver the performance you need.

Manufacture Product

We find exactly the right manufacturing techniques to meet your budget. We can further test product performance with limited production runs or move directly into full-scale production.

Quality Inspection

Creating custom products requires customized quality assurance. We integrate all of your unique requirements into our quality inspection to make sure you get consistently exceptional performance.

Deliver Product

We deliver your product – to wherever you want it shipped – on time and within your budget.